Experienced Chess Coach Utpal Sasane is a Fide Rated Chess Player.
As a Chess Coach, he has started his career in 1999. His Fide Rating is 2151.  
He has trained 2000+ students including many students from different countries like USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Most of them are doing very well in their life.
He gives chess training in 3 different languages i.e. English, Hindi, and Marathi.
He is specialized in training beginners to Fide rated 2000. He believes that everybody who wants to learn the chess game well, should understand the basics well and enjoy playing it.
His focus is always on teaching the student the chess game, how to think, how to correctly evaluate the position, how to come up with the proper strategy and chess fundamentals.
He is very good at getting inside the student’s head, relating to the student, and teaching at the student’s level.
His focus is always making a long-term overall improvement of the student in chess and in life.
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